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Ready to learn? Come join us!


Classes take place in two locations: Angela's private studio in Downtown Redmond and the International Friend's School in Bellevue's Willburton neighborhood. Sessions in Redmond are mini-classes (limited to 3 people) because we have only one aerial point. In Bellevue, we have 4 aerial points and classes are capped at 8 people.  


Please dress as you would for a yoga class--tight fitting comfortable clothing that covers your torso and backs of your knees. No jewelry or piercings will be allowed on the equipment. 


Online enrollment closes 12 hours before each class however you can always reach out beforehand to see if there is space. Classes must have a minimum of 2 students or may be cancelled. If only one person is enrolled in a class, the student will have the option of taking the class as a private lesson (at the private rate) instead of cancelling. Please sign up in advance and bring your friends to make sure your favorite classes continue to happen! 


Aerialists should be comfortable with a set of basic skills to be approved for open training. You can get sign off during a class or at the start of your first training session. Skills for FABRIC & SLING include: 

  • Two consecutive climbs to the top of the silks

  • Inversion and knee hook in the air with clean form

  • Hip key in the air with clean form

  • Double foot locks

Skills for LYRA include:​

  • Straddle inversion under the bar

  • Tuck and knee hook to sit inside the hoop

  • Back balance inside the hoop

  • Pullover to front balance


Aerialists are welcome to bring their own apparatus for lessons or training at the Redmond studio but we have limited ability to change rigging in Bellevue (please check first!). Equipment must be approved by the instructor.


Kids and babies are always welcome as observers (and might even get to swing in a hammock after class is over). They may hang out on the side and some toys toddler are often available.  

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