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Custom Workshops

I offer a collection of adult/teen workshops focused on act creation and performance technique for all levels, which have been crafted and curated over almost a decade of teaching! Available for booking locally in the Seattle area or at your own studio anywhere in the world. Custom workshops, or a variation of what you see below, are also available. Email to learn more. 


Sequencing & Surprise

90 min - Aerial Silks

This workshop explores creating sequences and how to make even the most basic tricks appear unique,  different, and surprising. We work with elements such as timing, shape variations, and movement quality to turn familiar sequences into something new that audiences wouldn't have expected! This is a great class for emerging aerialists who are new to performance.

Pre-requisites: Straddle inversion, footlock, and stamina to stay in the air for 2 minutes.

Get In Line

90 min - All Aerial Apparatuses 

Straight legs, pointed toes, graceful gestures through the tips of the fingers... Clean long lines come from dedicated practice and the earlier you build a foundation, the more natural it becomes! We will work on exercises on the ground and in the air, inspired by ballet and circus, that you can make a part of your regular training, no matter what level you are at.  

Pre-requisites: None

Ania Red Silk.jpeg

Solo Act Creation - Full Workshop

4-6 weeks / 90 min per week -
Vertical Apparatuses

Our goal in this workshop is to fully develop an act from scratch! Phases include music selection, creative exploration, choreography, working through challenges, peer feedback, technique, character, and more. You do not need to be an advanced aerialist with endless vocabulary to start creating a beautiful act. Please plan to train and work on homework outside of class in order to make the most progress!

Pre-requisites: Clean straddle inversion, two footlock tricks, and stamina to stay in the air for 2 minutes.

Solo Act Creation - Mini Workshop

90-120 min - All Aerial Apparatuses 

If you have never created an aerial act and don't know where to start, this is a quick jump start to my framework for building. Come in with a piece of music and a notebook and leave with a blueprint for an act and concrete steps to bring it to completion! 

Pre-requisites: Stamina to stay in the air for 2 minutes.


Group Act Performance

8-12 weeks / 90 min per week - Aerial Silks

This workshop series will lead up to a group performance on aerial silks. Depending on the size and interests of the group, it might contain synchronized choreography, solo and duo work, or multiple acts. Leading up to the performance, we will focus on aspects such as musicality, character, efficiency of movement, lines, and stage presence. This class is appropriate for first time performers as well as those with lots of stage experience!

Pre-requisites: Stamina to stay in the air for 2 minutes. 

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